Narrative Essay About A Fun Day

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The day we were supposed to be having a fun day with the whole family my sister decided to be a jerk. My sister Cameryn seven years old and the mind of an evil middle aged, divorced, wicked arunt that everyone calls crazy and a witch (come on everyone has someone in the family like that!), but I love her so she’s okay most of the time. My brother Garrett quite the charmer if you ask me for a five year old, one of the most loving kids out there but doesn’t like to admit it. There was also the youngest one, Miles, never the one to stay in one place and be happy about it, also he loves animals who doesn’t at the age of two? But anyways my sister was in her “good” mood today. We as in my whole family were hanging out by shopping then going to the Nature Center at Hueston Woods.…show more content…
I honestly don’t care when she does, I mean she does it all the time so do my brothers. My family is really loud. We were in the car to go to the shoe store in the mall. A nice small, cozy, un-crowded store that we go to a lot, one of the nicest places in the mall ever. The car ride was short. Miles was staring at the window sometimes we would play around and Garrett being the quiet person he is kinda just sat there listening to the radio until our favorite song came on. We all screamed the lyrics. Starting with me, “ Do you ever feel, like a plastic bag drifting through the wind wanting to start again?” Then Cameryn, “Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin like a house of cards one blow from caving in?”... Garrett, “Do you ever feel, already buried deep? Six feet under screams. But no one seems to hear a thing.” And my all time favorite Miles, “Duh you know tat there’s duh duh duh.” Then we all scream the chorus at the top of our lungs even our parents. This what we do every car ride with every
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