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How to choose a hiking boots To choose the right hiking boots, you need to measure the maximum number of pairs. Hiking boots of your dreams will be: Match your route. For example, in a one-day outing did not need boots, suit and sneakers, boots unless you are comfortable. Boots should sit perfectly. Choose a good shoe - the key moment of the hiking boots. Hiking boots should sit perfectly. Choose a good shoe - the key moment of the shoe. In the selection of boots for customers is reflected in this article, and will help you to choose the most comfortable pair. In writing this guide, we were guided by the experience of climbing, trekking and hiking of different categories, as well as on the experience of our customers. First we sort through…show more content…
They are ideal for weekend trips and longer trips in time, but with a light load. Some experienced athletes use them for more complex routes. Footwear for medium and light trekking: medium or high boots, still have good bending the sole, but wrap around and support the foot better. Designed for hikes of the day, with 40-60 liter backpack, or long routes of low complexity. Heavy hiking boots: These shoes are designed for serious hiking with a large enough weight on his shoulders, for a multi-day trekking, mountain trails of light. They are tall, very strong, and with the minimum foldaway inner sole. Typically, there are rubber nose or complete around the entire circumference along the shoe sole, and sometimes rear welt for cats. Climbing shoes: Hard and heavier, with a protective obrezinkoy the circumference (often higher than for heavy hiking boots), always with a cat welts, sometimes with built-in gaiters, double (with separate inner shoe). Are models of both natural materials and synthetic, and combinations thereof. Used for challenging mountain climbing and technical routes, and to climb the highest mountains and the coldest point of the

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