Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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German author Franz Kafka, author of The Metamorphosis is one of the seminal works of fiction for the twenth centurary. Metamorphosis is about a male Gregor, who is turned into a dung beetle. The setting mostly takes place in Gregor’s room. His room is consisted of a desk where he dose all of he work at, chest of drawers, and a picture of a girl who had on a fur hat, and a fur boa. Notably, the main character of the story is Gregor. Gregor Samsa is a traving salesman; Gregor has a family of three his mother, father and his sister Grete. In The Metamorphosis it states, “Samsa was a traveling salesman.” However Gregor was a salesman he also was a lietutenat in the army. It states in The Metamorphosis,”photograph of Gregor when he was a lieutenant in the army.” Gregor is also a dung beetle in The Metamorphosis it claims,”come on then, you…show more content…
Futhermore, the conflict in the story is that poor old Gregor, who has been turned into a vermin or dung beetle. it is stated in The metamorphosis,"I don't want to call this monster my brother, all I can say is: we have to try and get rid of it."(page 55) This is said by Gregors sister towards the end. After being turned into a beetle his family comes to the door to ask if he is ok, however Gregor'so door is locked so the family is not aware of his transformation yet. Gregor'so boss also shows up to ask why he has not came in to work, and at that point Gregor get out of the room to reveal his transformation. After seeing Gregors transformation the whole family freaks out and the father locks Gregor in his room. Later his sister Grete comes in to drop off a bowl of milk and bread because Gregor liked that meal before his transformation. Gregor is happy that she brought a meal that he liked until he tasted it and realized that his taste has changed. Gregor finds entertainment by climing all
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