Inca Conquest

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The Conquest of the Inca Empire is one of the most known life changing events in South America. Many wonder why such a powerful civilization like the Incas broke down to a small numbered Spanish army. The Spanish, led by Francisco Pizarro conquered the Inca Empire with superior technology and war tactics, which may be the reason why most of Peru today now lives in poverty and the Inca culture, was destroyed. The Inca civilization flourished in the Andean part of South America in the early 15th century A.D. The Incan empire were known by the many traditions they practiced such as one being that the bottom of your ear lobe must touch you shoulder and the people did that by piercing huge gapes in their ears. Although many designs were basic but…show more content…
In addition to population decline and diseases, a large portion of the Inca population - including artisans and crafts people - were enslaved and forced to work in the gold and silver mines. The Spanish on top of Inca foundations built many buildings and cities. Cities and towns were pillaged, along with a vast amount of rare artwork, craft, and architecture. Beginning at the time of the conquest, art of the central Andes region began to change as new techniques were introduced by the conquerors, such as oil paintings on canvas. The spread of Christianity had an influence on both the Inca people and their artwork. As Pizarro and the Spanish subdued the continent and brought it under their control, they forcefully converted many Inca to Christianity, and it wasn't long before the entire region was under Christian influence. As a result, early art from the colonial period began to show signs of both Christianity and Inca religious themes, and traditional Inca styles of artwork were adopted and were changed by the Spanish to incorporate Christian themes.( "Slideshare." 'incas' on SlideShare. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Dec. 2014”) Around 1538 Manco Capac tried to become the next emperor of the Inca but was caught and was captured but Pizarro didnt kill him rather put him in jail so he can starve to death. Pizarro made himself Spanish governor of Inca territory and offered his other conquistador Diego Almagro the conquest of Chile as appeasement for claiming the riches of the Inca civilization for himself. Around 1535, Pizarro established the city of Lima on the coast to have communication with Panama. The next year, Manco Capac escaped from Spanish supervision and led an unsuccessful uprising that was quickly crushed once again. That marked the end of Inca resistance to Spanish rule. Diego Almagro returned from Chile,he was embittered by the poverty of that country and demanded
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