How Does Atticus Change In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In To Kill A Mockingbird, Atticus the father of two children and a lawyer has big responsibilities that he can handle as an adult that most couldn’t handle he take’s care of his children like most people don’t, he teaches them respect and to have respect to other people. Atticus has a big role in the novel, he plays a father of two and a lawyer of one. He goes into this really big case and he gives it everything he has. He’s also introduced to new questions from his kids as they are growing up and learning what the real world is about. He’s also faced with just being a father and sticking up for his kids. Atticus faces many challenges as the children grow up and he realizes things as he learns with the children. When Aunt Alexandra comes in the picture the finch family changes. In this novel a lot of changes happen and there’s a lot of new people introduced as you read along and how not to judge a person by the way they are…show more content…
The children realize there father is not just a regular dad when Atticus has to shoot the dog and then the children find out that he’s one shot finch. They have a new understanding of what he does and the trial and that he’s not this boring father that they think of him to be. The townspeople change a lot because of the Tom Robinson trail and they turn against Atticus because he’s taking up for Tom Robinson and that Atticus believes he’s innocent. Theirs actually a mob and Mr. Cunningham is a part of it and he’s the one to come up to Atticus and tries to get him to leave and Atticus refuses to. Atticus and Mr. Cunningham had nothing against each other Atticus helped Mr. Cunningham. The way people see each other change as time goes on and they way people are and how they act like they are and how they interact with other
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