'My Papa's Waltz' By James Peale

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Family is one of the most important things in life because they are usually the ones that will be there for you the in the good and bad times. Depending on the circumstances someone faces in a family union can cause an effect on their point of view in the future. The artist and his family was painted by James Peale in 1795. He painted this portrait because in the eighteenth century small group portraits were popular in English landed gentry. This is the aspect of family because it illustrates how a family is viewed in society. The perspective of a family in society represents a male figure and a female figure as a couple plus the children. The artist James Peale presents the theme of family in his painting by drawing his family. He painted…show more content…
He was the second son of Charles Peale and Margaret Triggs. His family moved to Annapolis after the death of his father when he was still an infant. He learned how to paint because he was an assistant of his older brother, Charles Willson Peale, a noted painter. He was an American painter best known for his miniature and still life paintings. “My Papa’s Waltz” is a poem written by Theodore Roethke in 1948. This poem states a child and his experience with his father. The poet Theodore Roethke expressed how his dad would drink a lot and manhandle him. Those circumstances that Theodore Roethke faced in his childhood affected him in his life time as he stated, “But I hung on like death”. The poem “My Papa’s Waltz” contains dark elements of manhandling and drunkenness but the tone remained grotesquely comic. Theodore Roethke was born on May 25, 1908 in Saginaw, Michigan and died at the age of 55 on August 1, 1963 in Bainbridge Island, Washington because of a heart attack in his friend’s pool. Theodore was an American poet who published several work of influential and critically acclaimed verse. He is widely regarded as among the most accomplished and influential poets of his generation. The death of his father and the suicide of his uncle impacted him deeply and influenced his…show more content…
He still affects people’s lives through his work. Theodore Roethke was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1954 for his book, The Waking, and he won the annual National Book Award for Poetry twice, in 1959 for Words for the Wind and posthumously in 1965 for The Far Field. These achievements make the audience trust the poem. Pathos in the poem is the way James Peale makes his audience feel bad for the kid because of the way he expresses about his dads actions. Certain groups of people will see the poem different than others because of the knowledge they have and the way they understand the poem. The Sister Sledge used ethos in “We Are Family” by being the artist of the song. They are a famous musical group and have had success which makes them trust worthy. The pathos are that it makes people feel good and see how some families get along. If a person that has been through a bad circumstance may feel jealousy and hope at the sometime because of the happiness they express through the

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