Serial Killer Psychological Profile

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The Psychological Profile of the Serial Killer Today, the average person would agree that killing another human being is a barbaric and disgusting atrocity; however, how well are we informed regarding what drives a person to do so in the first place? Over the years, an increase in interest for serial killers can be found among young adults as movies and television shows are creating these horrifying characters that build up a thrilling effect on their audiences. Most of these individuals find themselves hooked to the mystery behind what could motivate a person to go through with such violent and horrific acts. Lachmann and Lachmann (1995) define the serial killer as an individual who has murdered three or more people, without an apparent motive, and has become notorious for their vicious premeditation before the killing. Their cold and gruesome premeditated…show more content…
This brings us to my second point: even though all serial killers didn’t undergo serious traumatic events as a child, they did, in fact, share similar personal traits as children. One of the most common personal traits of a serial killer is immense aggression (Miller, 2014). According to Miller, many of these serial killers were shy as children, felt isolated from the rest of the students, and felt neglected and unloved (2014). As time progressed, such feelings resulted in an increase of unacceptable behavior and hostility towards others. For instance, these children went on to become chronic liars, they destroyed the property of others, and set things on fire. However, one of the greatest signs found in serial killers involves their aggression towards other children and more often, smaller animals (Miller, 2014). Slowly, these characteristics began to become more prevalent in the children and soon enough, they were beginning their criminal

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