Joran Van Der Sloot Character Analysis

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In recent years Joran van der Sloot has become a regular subject all over the media. He is associated with the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, the murder of Stephany Flores, and there is a possibility of him being a serial killer responsible for many other disappearances and crimes. His personal and psychological profiles have been the object of media trends, captivating society in a sick twist of interest, horror, and mystery. While there is no certainty about him being a mass murderer, it can be said that he fulfills all the criteria of a psychopath. This is particularly true when we consider the testimony of many of his supporters, who see him as a charming, gentle, romantic, and even caring individual. This false façade was easily…show more content…
His viciousness and the deceitful conduct, along with the false image of a nice and honest individual, fit too well into the psychological profile of a psychopath. The greatest danger in van der Sloot, just as in other sociopaths and psychopaths, is not his good and charming side, but his very real evil side. This is the side which lurks behind the good side as a way to manipulate and trap potential victims. Van der Sloot’s lack of empathy and enormous arrogance are also signs of a narcissistic personality disorder. While not all sociopaths or psychopaths are serial killers, most of them tend to be predatory and very dangerous. Among the traits shown by psychopaths, we find superficial intelligence and a carefully crafted charming attitude and personality. These two are the main qualities they use to other individuals in order to control them and achieve an underlying purpose or goal. Unlike other types of pathological individuals, the psychopath will not be subject to delusions nor will he show any symptoms or signs of irrational thinking. This is one of their most dangerous traits, as they appear to be sane and in fact they are. The psychopath has a clear understanding of the wrongdoing or

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