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Goal: Not Another Sports Film The film Goal, starring Kuno Becker, begins by showing Santiago, played by Kuno, illegally migrating into the United States. Santiago grows up and works two jobs, one as a landscaper and another as a cook at a local Chinese restaurant. While working two jobs, he is also apart of a local soccer team. During a game of his, there so happens to be a retired professional soccer scout. Because of this scout, he is given the opportunity to tryout for a professional team in England, but because of his legal situation, he is put under a “do or die” situation, in the sense that if he took up the offer and didn’t make the team, he wouldn’t be able to regain entrance into the United States. This particular has one intended…show more content…
This film is successful in the portrayal of an underdog, for the main character is an underdog through out the whole film. In the beginning of the film, Santiago is shown being a humbling working class member of society, for both he and his father worked in the lawn care business, but that wasn’t all for Santiago. Santiago also worked as a cook at a local Chinese restaurant to help earn more money. On the other hand, Santiago’s father was a man who was easily conformed to the little money he earned. Because of his father, Santiago faced a big obstacle when he told his father about his opportunity to play the game of soccer at a higher level, professional. His father was skeptical of the whole situation from the get-go. His father persisted in telling Santiago that he was full of himself in thinking that he would actually make it professional and insisted that Santiago stay with him and use the money he had been saving up to buy a pickup truck to start their own lawn care business. Not having had the support of his father made it very difficult to realize his dream, both emotionally and economically. It was hard on him economically for the sheer reason that it is very expense to get the traveling and living costs taken cared of. This becomes a struggle because Santiago is already struggling to make ends meet and to add on
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