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These profiles were used in John Douglas’s book (The anatomy of motive), and from his reports and publications (which have been declassified and can be read on the FBI website). These may or may be used in actual investigations, (I don’t quite know for sure). What I do know for sure is the difference between the organized and disorganized serial offender. (The use of optional shows that each crime is different so therefore the murderer may not have used that item, or had that behavior). Organized: Plan their attacks (premeditation) Use of restraints (optional) They exert control over the victim (manipulation, threats, etc.) They have a vehicle Extremely intelligent (usually have above average I.Q.’s) Skilled in their occupation They had…show more content…
I will attempt define, explain, and categorize them so their psychological aspects and motives are easier to…show more content…
(They usually have a cool down period. They also have to kill at least two or three victims to be considered one. They usually kill one victim at one place, and continue to do this after a cooldown period. Serial Killers are not known, whatsoever.They have no intention to be caught). Spree Killer- kills multiple victims at once at many different locations in a short period of hours or days. (They are extremely mobile, and usually are well known during the crime. They have no intention to be caught). Mass Killer/murderer- Uses “Endgame strategy”. They kill multiple people at one place, and expect to die. (They usually go out in a blaze of glory). Serial Bomber- kills multiple people at once (or sometimes maiming them). They don’t expect to be caught, (because of their high level of intelligence). Assassin-kills one extremely important individual. (President, governor, celebrity, etc.) They are usually suicidal, and expect (or hope to die) in a blaze of glory. Serial arsonist- sets fires either to kill people, destroy property, or for

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