Essay On Freedom Of Speech And Expression

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John Stuart Mill said that as mankind is imperfect there are different opinions and different experiments of living which varies from person to person. This diversity of opinion is primarily relevant for all-round development and also for the healthy growth of a nation. In a democratic set up there has to be active participation of people in all affairs of their community and the state. It is their right to be kept informed about the current political, social, economic and cultural life as well as the burning topics and important issues of the day in order to enable them to consider forming broad opinion in which they are being managed, tackled and administered by the government and their functionaries. Freedom of press has always been a cherished right in all the democratic nations of the world. It is supposed to guard public interest by bringing in light the misdeeds, failings and the lapses of the government and the other bodies’ exercising governing power. In rapidly changing socio-economic conditions of a…show more content…
MEDIA TRIAL AND ITS EFFECTS The history of freedom of speech and expression has at all times been punctuated by the difference between two situations – freedom of expression and the freedom after expression. A string of high-profile cases, sensationalized by the media due to Gross misuse of technological advancements, and the unhealthy competition in the field of journalism has created a tussle between freedom of speech and expression of the media and the responsibility of the Judiciary to conduct fair trial, prevent contempt of court and protect the rights of the

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