Ted Cruro's In Catilinam Analysis

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On Thursday, November 20th a speech was delivered by Ted Cruz as a reaction to another one of Obama’s actions. This speech is a modern American version of Cicero’s In Catilinam, a speech which was uttered by Cicero against the traitor Catiline who planned to overthrow Rome and seize control. Cruz only made use of the first fourth of the first in a group of three speeches, since he only needed that mch to make his point and as everyone knows, Cicero is extremely long winded. Ted did not change much, only adding two or three sentences and making the language more inclusive as well as changing some names and places to match contemporary America. One of the biggest effects the use of the translation of CIceroäs speech would be its level or formality.…show more content…
A notable difference between the original and Ted Cruz’ speech would be the places where instead of simply saying “men” Ted Cruz says “men and women” since in modern times women can vote and are an influential part of society. There are also small section within Ted’s speech that were not in the translation of Cicero’s speech, the more notable one starting with “dictates by” and ending with “he ignores”, though the exact beginning and end of this original part can be debated. Within that section Ted Cruz expresses his belief that common folk nowadays are all talk and no smack, folk that “do not take part in public deliberations” nor “come into the senate”. Of course Ted made some obvious changes as well, such as changing the Paletine Hill to “the border” and O Catiline to “President Obama”, and not only did he change those names, Ted removed a whole section where Cicero mentioned specific people putting others to death and implying that Catiline should be killed. This section was removed either because of the implication of the want of executing Obama, or due to Ted Cruz being a ddungbo and not wanting to decide which person he knows should play the part of P. Scipio and which should play

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