Why And How Did Young People Change In The 1950's

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Why and how did young people change in the 1950s to 1960s? There are many element as to why and how young people changed during 1950-60s such as money and family life etc. the following essay will explain those elements. During the early 1950s family life was fairly simple, the women would stay at home and tend to the house teaching the daughter to do the same whilst the man would either be at work or partaking in the Vietnam war,-Up until 1954- and the son would learn the skills to get a job or sign up to the military to join the current war. So in perspective young people were often exactly like their parents as they spent most of their time around them for instance since, televisions and radios were scarce in families things such as family time were common as a family would gather around the only television or radio they had and they would watch or listen to the only channel or station that was available. But because of Britain’s continuous involvement in wars Britain was left in a state of bankruptcy, which meant that even though World War II had ended nine years prior the use of rations was still intact. Due to the lack of men the British government issued out propaganda and made laws such as the Equal pay act 1955 that encouraged women to work, so when the men came back from war both of them were…show more content…
The term teenager referred to a young person from 15-21. The 1950s and 1960s saw a bigger "Generation Gap” than probably ever before emerge, as the differences, such as money, clothes and music, between a generation who had been to war and their children were massively

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