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There are several ways to become multilingual, for example, the acquisition of language or two languages is something that starts at home and refers to the first language or languages we learn, and acquiring a language ends when we reach puberty. According to multiple studies such as: Critical period hypothesis (CPH) claims that there is an optimal period for language acquisition, ending at puberty. And then there is what we call learning a language, which is about learning a second language during or after puberty. Clarifying this distinction between "language acquisition" and "language learning" let me show you my case. I belong to the second group, since I learned (and I am still learning) a second language after childhood (English), which puts me at a great disadvantage compared to most of my classmates, who belong to the first…show more content…
Example, at work I can be speaking with my coworker or my boss as if we are at the same level, but when a client comes in I speak with respect almost as if they had a special treatment, and if the customer is someone who knows what he wants I call things by their technical names and if not, I speak in a way that they can understand me. Another example is in the classroom, I can be normally speaking in Spanish and laughing aloud with my classmates, and at the moment the teacher comes in we immediately change to speak in English and during the class we talk to each other and to the teacher with more respect. Another similar thing is what we call code mixing and this happens when mixing two languages. For example, when expressing yourself you may forget a word and you use the same word in another language, but sometimes we do this on purpose. This probably happens to people who are language learners like me and who do not have so much time learning their second language. Other times we just use English words to express ourselves, such as "bye" instead of adios or "hamburger" instead of

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