How To Make The World A Better Place Essay

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Today, I will tell you how I make the world a better place by helping the environment, helping animals, donating things and being happy. I live close to my school so I do not need to take the bus or ride home, so I walk. When I am on my way to school every morning I see lots of trash on the sidewalk. As I am walking I pick up some of the trash and throw it away in the trash can. It makes me angry that people carelessly throw their trash on the ground and leave it up to the cleaners to pick it up. It doesn’t make sense to me that why should a person clean up someone else’s mess. I still pick up trash if I see it anywhere. I also help the environment by reusing plastic, for ex. when I go shopping, I always save the plastic bags and use them somewhere else like using them in an art project, or make decorations out of it to put in my house. Whenever we have…show more content…
In a class field trip we went to the scandinavian forest and picked up trash from an area, I was greatly disappointed at the amount of trash there was, and while a lot of people were unhappy about having to pick up trash I was very willing to do it. After all it is our land and we are responsible for keeping it clean. It is my dream that one day we have a plastic free world, and I will do anything to make that one day come true. For my 5th grade science fair project, me and my partners (Jeeyoo and Elizabeth) decided to find a better alternative to make paper instead of trees. Why should we ruin the the environment for our needs? 4 billion trees were being cut down each year just to make paper. We neede trees more than paper. I care about animals a lot. My advisory class decided too do a bake sale and
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