Scottsboro Strengths

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In the film Scottsboro: An American Tragedy, it informed the audience on the Scottsboro trials that happened in the 1930s. There were nine black males, the oldest which was 19 years old and youngest was 13 years old. They were accused of raping two white women. The women who claimed that they were raped were Ruby Bates and Victoria Price. The nine boys that were accused were, Clarence Norris, Haywood Patterson, Ozie Powell, Willie Roberson, Charlie Weems, Eugene Williams, Andy Wright, and Roy Wright. There were surprising, and astonishing events that happened during the Scottsboro trials that made it stood out from other trials during its time. The Scottsboro: An American Tragedy is a powerful film about injustice that is still relevant in…show more content…
One is that it had various pictures and videos that help guide the audience throughout the film. If the audience did not get to see how the people that were involved in the trials looked like, they would be confused on who the people are. And, also would be unable to follow along with what is going on. Another strength is that the movie didn’t just talk only about the Scottsboro trials. The movie talked about what happened to the people that were involved in the case. Most of the boys that were convicted, had troubled lives after the trials. Patterson got charged with murder after killing someone during a fight in the bar room and later died of cancer. Victoria Price who was thought to have been dead after the trials; later reappeared after filing a lawsuit against NBC for portraying her as a prostitute. But not everything in the movie was perfect. There were several pointless video clips of a train going along the railroad. Yes, the Scottsboro trials started from nine black males on a train that were accused by two white women that they were raped, who were also on the train. And although there is narration during those video clips, there is nothing really intriguing about a train going down the a railroad through a tunnel. Another flaw, there were too many pictures and not enough variety of different mediums throughout the movie. It would be more interesting if there would be actual video footage of the trials. Or another option is to have actors and actresses act out a scene of the main events that happened during the

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