Honest Othello The Handkerchief Once More Analysis

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Mistrust Can Lead To Conflict That May Result In a Negative End Mistrust can lead to a negative impact towards others. Alvin Toffler once said, “you can use all the quantitative data you can get, but you still have to distrust it and use your own intelligence and judgement.” Alvin is trying to explain what people tell you, cannot be 100% true. You also have to be able to use your own knowledge open your eyes and see the truth. Then you would be able to see whether or not that person is faithful to you. In Othello by William Shakespeare, he has proven mistrust can lead to conflict that may result in a negative end. Desdemona’s relationship with Othello was very lovely towards the beginning in Act 1. Desdemona would beg Brabantio just to…show more content…
In “Honest Othello: The Handkerchief Once More” by Michael C Andrew, he said “for whether one says that Othello is speaking symbolically and is really asking for Desdemona to restore to him the sacredness of love, or simply trying to cover up the real reason for his disproportionate passion over such a trifle.” (Andrews 276). Michael is trying to say how Othello is very heartbroken based on what Desdemona had done. Othello wants to hide what happened, but he really can’t. Cassio and Desdemona were always sneaking around and being really close towards the middle of the play. Iago tells Othello that Cassio had an affair with Desdemona. Desdemona never admitted what she had done. Othello never saw her had an affair but heard that she did. Othello wishes that it never happened to…show more content…
In “Othello as a key play” by Joan Rees mentions “love and trust are the same side of the coin: betrayal is the other and death may accompany it.” (Rees 190). Roderigo was one of the characters who fell for Desdemona. Roderigo trusts Iago to help him fight for Desdemona’s love and Roderigo even pays Iago. But eventually Iago betrays Roderigo. Another event that happened is the mistrust that Othello had for Desdemona. When Iago Othello Desdemona is cheating on you, he didn’t believe him. He believes that his wife is honest and very loyal. But eventually, Othello decided to kill Desdemona. Othello got to the point he can’t take it. Throughout the play Othello, there was a few mistrusts that lead to negative effects. Especially when Desdemona’s and Othello’s relationship had changed due to mistrust which lead to negative end. Iago betray Roderigo had led to mistrust. William Shakespeare has proven that mistrust can lead to conflict that may result in a negative

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