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The Injustice of the Central Park Five On April 19, 1989, a jogger in Central Park was beaten and raped ultimately leading to the arrest of five innocent teenagers. These boys were part of a larger group that had been hanging around the park that night around the time of the incident. The boys were taken into custody, intimidated, and coerced into making confessions about the attack of the jogger by police. However, it was extremely clear from discrepancies in their confessions as well as there being no evidence connecting any of them to the crime scene that these boys were incident. Despite these factors, the boys were all sentenced to prison time and served the complete duration of their sentences. It wasn’t until after their jail time that Matia Reyes, a man serving a life sentence for other crimes, confessed to the 1989 incident and finally…show more content…
The settlement even goes on to state that “the city explicitly asserts that prosecutors and police detectives did nothing wrong at the time” (Prupis). These men were convicted with virtually zero evidence linking them to the crime they were accused of committing. They were scared boys who wanted to go home and were pressured into confessing by police. They spent almost a decade in jail because officials disregarded all of the evidence that pointed away from them, and now this settlement comes out stating that prosecutors and detectives did nothing wrong. This settlement seems more like a bribe to get the Central Park Five to be quiet than an act of justice. In the words of Jonathan C. Moore, an attorney for one of the men, “no amount of money could really compensate them for what they and their families suffered” (Prupis). Although it is impossible to completely reverse the wrong that has been done to these men, the best thing that the city of New York could give them is a formal apology, which they failed to

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