Periodization Training In Soccer Essay

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Monica Hayward SSPE 479 Seminar Capstone 11/11/15 Chowan University Periodization Training in Soccer Abstract Periodization training is a program that involves the systematic approach to breakdown certain training routines into three different seasons. There are many components that contribute to what athletes should be doing during pre-season, in-season, and post-season. Periodization is designed to utilize what training programs should be used and the level of intensity it would be as well. An athlete has to see that their coaches have the knowledge and skill to teach relevant information about how periodization techniques can improve their physical ability during competition. Keywords Periodization, sport, post season,…show more content…
Training sessions should be designed into three structured phases. Coaches need to understand that specific skills and tactics for their sport should be used to maximize the potential in athletes in their pre-season, post-season, and in-season workouts. Training sessions need be designed to reach the athletes full abilities, and incorporate periodization methods to every workout session. Training is an important aspect for the success of athlete’s preseason, during season, and post season. Training periodization has been used for many years by coaches for their athletes to help maximize performance gains. Periodization training is to caponize what athletes should be doing in physical fitness performance throughout the whole year to minimize injuries and athletes to become burn out. There are many types of training programs that use periodization. In sports periodization can be used through aerobic activities, weightlifting, resistance, and intervals. Such as in weight training, in pre or post season athletes may be doing training programs that include higher reps, heavier weight, shorter rest periods, training intensity, and etc. (Fleck, 2011) The main focus of periodization training is to performance at your highest ability without burning yourself out. This time of training plan allows the athletes to reach their physical performance goal by competition

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