Synovial Joint

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This question has been on the minds of many, whether it’s a person who pops their joints for enjoyment or someone who’s set on avoiding the habit altogether because they think it’s harmful. For the type of person who enjoys it for the relief or sensation experience, the question of whether it’s harmful or not is an important one. They are the people who are doing it. They’re thinking, “Will this action that I purposely do with my body cause me problems in the future?” Let’s Get A Few Facts Straight The synovial joint is the type of joint where the typical popping phenomenon that we’re aware of occurs. Synovial joints are in all the right places where we love to pop; the neck, wrists, fingers, hip, near the ankles, and others. The main attribute that distinguishes synovial joints from other types of joints in the human body, such as fibrous and cartilaginous joints is a gelatinous substance called; you guessed it, synovial fluid. This synovial fluid is encapsulated between bones and connective tissue, creating the joint.…show more content…
Just as motor oil acts as a lubricant between moving parts in a combustion engine, the synovial fluid is a coating between bones to reduce wear and tear between moving parts of the body. Synovial fluid is also home to phagocytes which clean up the trash in this same area! Now, inside this gelatinous substance there are gas molecules scattered throughout the capsule. When a person “pops” their joint, they are actually stretching the bones of the joint further away which causes these gas molecules to come together forming a bubble with a pop sound. However, the existence of this bubble doesn’t stay long. The pressure of the synovial fluid eventually causes the bubble to burst. Then the process of the gas molecules becoming scattered throughout the fluid takes a little bit of time, which is why you have to wait again to “pop” your

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