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Mental health screenings should be mandatory Student’s never realize the harm of not speaking up and staying silent. People do not get their thoughts out which keeps everything bottled up. Speaking up and letting those thoughts out are a healthy way to let your mind be free of any worries. Schools should be required to conduct yearly mental health screenings of students. If a child has a mental health disorder and never gets treated, what happens when they’re an adult? The disorder will not just disappear. The suicide rate has increased tremendously. There is nothing that will change a child’s mind in the state of suicide, but there are actions people can take to prevent this situation from happening. The child’s family usually has no idea what is going on in the their life that is damaging to the child. Children do not always tell their parents what is hurting them and that they feel like they need help. Yearly mental health screenings are costly, but they should be a must for…show more content…
Talking to the child’s family members and friends isn’t always a reliable source. When a child is in the state of mind of depression, their last resort is to talk to someone about their issues. “However, to avoid resistance, schools should work collaboratively with families to develop and implement effective approaches for providing these services to young people in a way that also protects the student’s privacy” (Perspective two). Children do not have the courage to be able to tell their loved ones that they need help. Families and friends tend to not know what their child or friend is really going on in their heads when they’re alone. School’s taking action and getting involved with the student’s health using these screenings may be a more efficient way of handling this situation than talking to someone who may be clueless about what is

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