What Mr. Wonka Said It's A Queerest Relationship?

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What Mr. Wonka ask to remind him? Answer: To remind him to call up his ear doctor the moment they get back. (p.3) 2. What Grandma Josephine thinks about Mr. Wonka? Answer: That he is cracked and that she doesn't trust him. (p.3) 3. Why do they need to go the higher in the elevator? Answer: The higher they are when they start coming down, the faster they will be going when they hit. (p.4) 4. Even though the view is beautiful in the glass elevator. What is the disadvantage in the glass elevator? Answer: Standing on a glass floor looking down it gives you a nasty feeling. (p.5) 5. Why Mr. Wonka don’t want to be disturb in the elevator? Answer: Because he must press at exactly the right instant on the green button. If he is just half…show more content…
(p.9) 7. True or false. In the elevator, when they were into orbit did they have oxygen? Answer: False, not until Mr. Wonka press on the button marked oxygen. (p.9) 8. Why Charlie said it’s a queerest feeling? Answer: Because he is swimming in the air, he feel like a bubble. (p.9) 9. Why Charlie and Grandpa Joe were hooting with laughter? Answer: Because the tree old ones were trying frantically to get back into the bed, but without success. Every time they got above the bed and tried to lie down, they simply floated up out of it. (p.10) 10. Who saw them in the space? Answer: Shuckworth one of the three famous astronauts saw them in a telescope. (p.12) 11. How does Shanks describe Mr. Wonka and Charlie’s family? Answer: There’s these three old birds in nightshirts floating around in this crazy glass box and there’s a funny little guy with a pointed beard wearing a black top hat and a plum-colored velvet tailcoat and bottle-green trousers. (p.13) 12. What does the President think about those people in the glass capsule with a bed? Answer: “It’s a bomb, a bomb disguised as a bed. They’re going to blow up our magnificent Space Hotel!” said Mr. President.…show more content…
Why Mr. Wonka thought it was a load of luck to end-up in the Space? Answer: Because they landed themselves in the middle of the biggest space operation of all time. (p.18) 14. Charlie couldn’t get up to the ceiling to press the button, so Mr. Wonka gave him a way. What was that way? Answer: First, you take a deep breath then you make a small round hole with your mouth and you blow as hard as you can, blowing downward. (p.20) 15. To which animal Grandma Josephine compared herself? Answer: To a golden eagle. (p.21) 16. When Grandma Georgina compared herself as a jumbo jet. How Mr. Wonka compared her to? Answer: A balmy old bat. (p.21) 17. For Charlie, what does it felt to be directly underneath the tail of the enormous silvery Space Hotel? Answer: It felt rather as though he were in a tiny rowboat underneath the stern of the biggest ship in the world. (p.24) 18. Who was the only person allowed to call Miss Tibbs, Nanny? Answer: Mr. President (p.25) 19. Why any operator are answering the phone to the

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