Persuasive Essay On School Shootings

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Imagine the idea of being worthless, against a person who has a plan of causing a huge massacre on your students or your fellow co-workers inside the workplace. In 1999 Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado experienced a tragedy that with stands in the history of school shootings. How would you feel if you were the parent of which was just a normal school day dropping off your child to school not knowing that you will never get to see them again or have that awesome after school conversation. Many feel as though if we were to provide teachers with handguns it will not only make the students feel more safe and secure but the learning environment as well. While many still believe that we should provide more health care for those who are mentally ill which brings up…show more content…
Finally, the Story of Sandy Hook Elementary School, On December 14, 2012 in Newtown Connecticut, a spree shooting had occurred. As of November 30th of 2012 456 children were enrolled in kindergarten through 4th grade at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The school’s security protocols had recently been upgraded, requiring visitors to be individually admitted after visual identification review by video monitor. Doors to the school were locked at 9:30 am each day, after morning arrivals. Newtown is located in Fairfield County, connecticut, about 60 miles outside of New York City. Violent crime had been rare in the town of 28,000 residents; there was only one homicide in the tow in the ten years prior to the school shooting.(cite Source). While it was a rough day for Sandy Hook Elementary School there were many different reports on what the kids had heard that day. A nine year old boy who had attended Sandy Hook his whole life thought he would never experience something like this while he had heard over the intercom put your hands up, please don’t shoot while he had heard the initial shots that day at Sandy Hook Elementary. Lanza attended Sandy Hook Elementary School

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