Essay On School Shooting

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Impact to the local community and global: This tragic school shooting had a major effect on the local community. Parents are now more cautious of sending their kids to school, and they are always checking on them because they have a constant reminder of the shooting that only occurred one year ago. The community still mourns the loss of its students. The counselors at Isla Vista are keeping a close eye on their students in case another student tries to attempt the same thing Elliot Rodger's did. Since the shooting happened the campus has added more school security. This school shooting had a lot of people worried to even try to further their education at this campus. Any community that suffers a tragedy like this would be paranoid for a…show more content…
Parents never know when their child climbs up the busses stairs to try to better their education, if they will ever see them again. Anyone who has raised a child and lost them due to a shooting spree will feel the pain and have empathy of those who also lost their child in 2014 at the Isla Vista shooting. Law enforcement have a daily reminder of what could happen in their local town and need to take steps in order to make sure that another school shooting will be prevented, if not have less casualties. A wise man once said “Knowledge is power” he is exactly right, and we should protect our sources of power. Schools should always have an officer on duty, or very close by to take action. There should also be ways to check students and identify students with in the range of budgets and without being too invasive on the student's overall privacy. It also had a very large impact on national gun laws which at the request of one victim's parents made it to where you had to have a very thorough background on purchasers of firearms and made to where you have to wait to be able to fully own the firearm. With every major school/campus shooting gun control laws are always brought up into a large
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