Essay On School Shootings

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I am terrified that there has been a mass shooting at a safe public school in Florida. I think that there are ways that could’ve prevented this from killing 17 teachers and students. There are many ways that the government can do and I know that they could put them in place to where the US schools are safe. Definition of a school shooting is a form of a mass shooting involving an armed attack on an educational institution, such as a school or university, involving a firearm. Killing multiple people would put this in a category call mass shooting. I am very thankful that it was not where I live, but I am also very terrified because of how many families lost a loved one and are crying to this very moment right now because nothing is really being done besides the fact that students from the school are trying to get stricter gun-violence laws. How…show more content…
There is a security system in a high school in Shelbyville, IN, where they can blind the shooter and block his line of vision so that they can get in the building and capture the gunman before he can fire a shot. By putting this type of security system in all the schools in the US it will reduce the number school shootings in the US. This what I plan to do to reduce the school shootings even though it cost a lot of money to have this placed in all the schools. But knowing that it will be very useful to the schools After knowing that more school shootings are happening across the US, I am terrified that it could happen in my school. Shootings are the worst part of life and not one person wants to leave their family because of what one person thought about and did just to get his or her “Revenge” on the school. School shootings are very important to reduce because it is taking people lives for no reason at all. Just a reminder that school shootings can leave families in grief just because of what you think and put into
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