School Lunch Case Study

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Should cafeterias give kids ice cream for lunch or healthy asparagus? Or teach them they should not eat junk food and have a healthy diet every day. Schools should provide what students want to eat because, some kids like only healthy foods and they would rather prefer healthy instead of junk food. Another example is, that if some kids do not like what is for lunch they do not have to buy lunch. One suggesting they should consider is students should eat something every day so they are not grumpy when it comes to a test or a quiz. Students should only eat what they want because kids should live a happy life while they are a kid. On the other hand when students get out of school and become an adult it is their choice what they eat when they leave the school and move on with their life . One quote is, “give me some seconds / I need to get some food today / My friends are are at the corner store / Getting junk food so it don’t waste away.…show more content…
“ The guidelines required schools to reduce foods containing protein and carbohydrates, They required increase of fruits, vegetables. and whole grains served at lunch.".There should be some guidelines to the school lunches for kids like don't let them only eat candy or rice krispies or just ice cream for lunch and that is all I think that there should be one rule where you have to take one fruit or vegetable and they could choose what one so the school should make sure there is more than or two choices of fruits and vegetables. One more thing that should happen is they should have to take a milk so they get some protein and they are capable of working not just sitting there not doing nothing and also not paying attention and not learning anything. There for the students should get to choose most of there main parts of there

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