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South Korea National Tourism Organization South Korea is located in the edge of North-East Asia. There is a Yalu River, it separate Korea and China. The size of South Korea is 220258 km2, it is a very small country. The interesting fact is that 70 percentages of Korea land is cover by mountains. There are 51,395,238 people, who live in South Korea and these 20 percentages of Koreans live in Seoul, where it is the capital of South Korea. Korea history starts in 2333 B.C, and numerous archeologists mentioned that Korea starts 700,000 years ago. Gojoseon starts 2333 to 108 B.C, and founded by Dan-gun. There were three kingdoms such as Goguryeo, Silla and Baekje. In 1945 South Korea established the government, it was lead by the first president…show more content…
The South Korea Tourism promotion Board was started in June 26th 1962. At that time, it was not very popular. The purpose of establishing Korea Tourism Organization is helping people who visit South Korea. The Internet site of Korea Tourism Organization provides a lot of helpful information. It is the organization a part of the government and because of that they gets fund from the government. There are many people wrote information, they have been studied about tourism for a long time. The purpose of this website is provide information to tourists and make their travel a wonderful way. There are many sections such as about Korea, pan your trip, destinations, attractions, accommodations, culture, food and shopping. It provides transportation information, so visitors can go place to place easily. South Korea has the best transportation system. They have buses, taxis, subways, trains, and airplanes. This website gives all information about these transportations and price of transportations. Most of tourists get panic because they do not know the geography. They use mobile map, but it does not help them well. Additionally, the website provides history of South Korea as well and helps foreigners to learn about South Korea before they actually visit. When foreigners visit other countries, some people get culture shock because everything is different. They have been grown different backgrounds, so understanding something is totally different. This website can be small Korea town, looking every picture and information make people feel like they are already visiting South Korea. It also makes people to exciting about their upcoming travel. This is a pretty much before hand travel. Therefore, if tourists visit this website before they tour South Korea, it will be fully convenience. The bad thing about this website is, tourists cannot book travel

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