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Deficit ideology is an issue that is affecting society and school systems. Deficit ideology is not something new. Deficit ideologies are often based on negative stereotypes. The ideologies often begin as perspectives that transform into ideologies. An ideology, based upon a set of assumed truths about the world and the sociopolitical relationships that occur in it. Deficit ideology is a worldview that explains and justifies outcome inequalities (Gorski, 2010, p. 3). Deficit ideologies are often used to justify stereotypes or the “status quo”. At the core of deficit ideology is the belief that inequalities result, not from unjust social conditions such as systemic racism or economic injustice, but from intellectual, moral, cultural, and behavioral deficiencies assumed to be inherent in disenfranchised individuals and communities (Gorski, 2010, p. 4).…show more content…
The blame is placed on the person rather than the situation or circumstances under deficit ideologies. For example, there are poor people in America because they’re lazy. Concerning students of poverty, deficit ideology suggest that those students struggle because their parents do not care. Often times this is not the case, as those parents care as much as affluent parents, but their schedules may not allow parents to attend meetings or become actively involved. Deficit ideology and hegemony are closely linked. Hegemony comes in many different forms. Hegemony is the influences used to exert dominance or justification for a particular issue. The influences can be social, economic, and cultural. Also the media can play a role in

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