Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet Summary

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The attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 is known as one of the most surprise and biggest fight conducted by the Imperial Japanese against the U.S. The war has led the U.S entry to the World War II and many bad results for not only Japanese citizens but also Japanese American. Because of that revolutionary event, there are a lot of documentaries, movies and novels which were set in that time and “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet”, the bestselling novel (2009), is one of those. The novel takes place in International Districts, Seattle after the Pearl Harbor attack when many events happened to Japanese American there. I am so impressed by the way the author create Henry Lee, who is a main character in this book. By reading and understanding Henry’s life, I have learned that try to be the one which is not yourself could impact your life negatively. Even though we live in different historical…show more content…
Henry is the only kid in his house but they barely talk to each other since he was twelve years old. He is forced to speak English all the time even his parents don’t understand. They have an awkward atmosphere in their family as the author wrote: “She gave a look of confusion and simply shrugged, going back to her cooking, sweet water chestnut cake from the smell of it” (page12). His parents just anticipate through his intonation or action then give him a nod. In the other hand, I have a sister and talkative parents. We always share our day at school or work, try to say something funny to make the atmosphere homier. I remember that one time, when my mom and I were on the way to home, she ask me what would I do if a murder attack us. I said with an innocent voice that I would run away before I could be caught. My mom laughed out loud and the sound like a laugh of a devil wizard in a child book. I stood transfixed by all stares from bystanders and could feel my cheek is filled with

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