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Selena Gomez is a prominent actor and Singer in the United States, her early life contributing to her rise in today’s society. Selena was born in the Dallas area on July 22, 1992 to her parents Ricardo Gomez and Amanda Cornett ("Selena Gomez"). Her father is of Mexican heritage and her mother is of Italian descent ("Selena Gomez"). Selena Gomez’s mother gave birth to Selena at the age of 16 ("Selena Gomez"). Selena’s parents divorced when she was only five years old ("Selena Gomez"). Some might say she was of a broken family and household. Being raised mostly by her mother, Selena drew on the interest of being and actor from her. Her mother practiced local and community theater ("Selena Gomez"). Selena’s mother lit the pathway to her future career.…show more content…
Auditioning through an open call, she started acting on the popular toddler’s show, Barney & Friends in 2001 ("Selena Gomez"). This is what Selena referred to as her guide into the acting world, teaching her the basics of being an actor ("Selena Gomez"). She acted in Barney & Friends until 2003 ("Selena Gomez"). That same year she scored a minor role in Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over ("Selena Gomez"). Then in 2005, she played the role Julie in the movie Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial By Fire ("Selena Gomez"). All of these small parts were the beginning of an extensive acting and singing career. Selena Gomez would not have been an actor from the beginning of her childhood without the support and guidance of her

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