Universities Vs Community Colleges Essay

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The debate about the best choice as to where a person should begin their post-secondary education is ongoing and may never be completed. There are many factors a person should take into consideration when choosing the best path for his or her post-secondary education. When deciding where to go to college, a person must consider the following factors: cost, location, maturity level, current level of education, need for a job, and overall self-confidence. Research shows universities and community colleges differ in several aspects, yet they share many factors that prospective students should consider when choosing what is best for them. Major universities offer different levels of degrees including the following: bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorate’s degrees. Many major universities’ tuition will cost nine thousand dollars or more per year. Since there are fewer universities per state than community colleges, attending a university often requires students to live away from home and thus, increasing the total cost to attend. Another factor of increased cost is requiring entering freshman to live on campus. Universities are like small towns with many buildings, streets, and may even have their own zip codes. These characteristics of a university campus can leave a student lost and bewildered. Universities are known to have two to three hundred students in basic freshmen and sophomore level courses. This…show more content…
Students in both universities and community colleges have opportunities to meet new people through dorm life, intermural sports, and social clubs. Students have to be responsible for knowing when assignments are due, attending class, completing any make-up work, and paying for college in either educational

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