Racial Experiences In Recitatif By Toni Morrison

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Bailey Lipyanic September 22, 2015 Professor Carpenter English II Section 14 Paper 1 Recitatif In Toni Morrison’s story, “Recitatif”, race is the main conflict throughout Twyla and Roberta’s lives. This short story is about two girls that meet in an orphanage. The girls didn’t like each other at first, but no one else would play with them because they weren’t real orphans. Because of this, they formed a bond with each other. The mothers of Twyla and Roberta dropped them off at the orphanage because they are unsuitable parents. Throughout the story, the reader never really knows the race of the two girls. However, different racial experiences occur during each of the girls’ lives that give the readers insight on who is black and who is white.…show more content…
Maggie is described as an old, bow-legged sandy colored women who works in the kitchen. Maggie fell in the orchard and the other girls laughed at her. Twyla and Roberta did nothing to help, instead they joined in on the name calling. What happened to Maggie is the unanswered question that follows Twyla and Roberta throughout their lives. Maggie symbolizes the silent truth in America’s rationalized history. As Benjamin states, “The lives of Twyla and Roberta continue, their memories of Maggie’s story unite them in a shared memory. What they remember, what they forget, and whether it is possible for them to reconcile their conflicting memories captures the legacy of the past.” The Maggie incident represents the racialized perspectives from America’s slave

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