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Introduction The career I was made to research was welding. I did not choose to research this topic, I was told I had to research welding because that is the class I’m in at Apollo. I hope to learn more about what a welder does on a day to day basis. I also hope to learn more about the money that a normal welder makes and the duties that the welder has. Most of the information I had known prior to researching this occupation. Career Information The working conditions of a welding career involve being in a dirty booth for most of the day. You stay in your booth most of the day and weld what you need to weld. You will do your weld the way they are needed. On a normal day you would be given the instructions of what you need to do, and then you would be expected to do what you were instructed to do in a timely manner while still having a good quality welds.…show more content…
Right from day one when you start they give you many benefits that increase the longer you stay with the company. They are on the news sometimes, but not very frequently. They are a more quiet company that does not have a lot of news related things going on. B. Interview From the interview I learned several things about welding that I wanted to know more about. One of those things was how much money you would make in a year and how much an hour. I had done the interview before I had researched this information so it was new to me at the time I heard it. He had also explained some of the basic duties and habits for a normal working day. He told me many different jobs that were related to welding and ones that he had even considered doing himself. We had discussed what he thought was the best paying jobs that a welder could have and the training that would be required to even be eligible for these jobs. We had also talked about how the job outlook was and how this would affect me in my efforts to find a welding

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