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Nonviolence: The Only Solution to Violence As a little boy, I lived with my parents in a big yellow house that had red couches, a wine shelf, a glass table and a flat screen television in Oluti, Lagos, Nigeria. My parents worked hard to provide anything needed to send me to an expensive private school, Prime Montessori School. Break times made my school a happy place even when my naughtiness received attention from the teacher and principal. My parents disciplined me for every complaint received. I lived with my grandparents from the age of seven after my parents left for the United States. My lifestyle changed within three months of staying with them after receiving a different treatment than my parents, in Ajegunle, Lagos, Nigeria.…show more content…
I chose to walk in their footsteps to find solutions. Growing up in a slum, the experience of life in a city without electricity is tough. Although, we paid our electrical bill; however the government did not turn the electricity on. Not everyone owned a generator because of the expense needed to operate the machinery. The sound of a generator is a disturbance within the community when over 100,000 people are in need of electricity. Riots erupted due to the lack of electricity in Ajegunle. I remembered many people carried broken bottles to go fight civil authorities. David, my friend, who involved himself in such violence, received deadly injuries. The lack of electricity problems could be prevented if civil authorities fulfill promises made to the public and work on the obvious adversities such as poverty in order to reduce the rates of violence caused by lack of loyalty to the…show more content…
She gave the officer 50 naira as bribe. Shocked to know that police officers collected bribe, I questioned my aunt for reasons to justify the act of collecting bribes and she responded, “Due to inadequate salaries paid to police officers by the government, the police officers collect bribes to feed their families.” I thought about her response for clarification then realized that bribery led to corruption; corruption led to a higher rate in poverty while poverty led to an increase in crime activities. If the cause of corruption is money selfishness or greediness and bribery increases the rate of injustice within a community then I believe that the acts of sharing and caring for one another are ways to solve the issue of poverty, bribery, and

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