Samsung Smartphone Case Study

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f you are planning to buy a new flagship smartphone, then this list is what you are looking for. These are the most anticipated mobiles of this year from the popular brands. Most of the time, companies focus on the premium devices and what you get in the lower price segment is a toned down version of the same. This fact makes these phones all the more significant. They will decide the turn that mobile technology may take this year. Samsung Note 6 and Galaxy S7 Galaxy-S6Samsung-Galaxy-Note-6 The phablet series from South Korean manufacturer has huge fans. But the fans were disappointed last year with Note 5 as it was almost the same as the Samsung Galaxy S6 except for its size. Rumors have it that Note 6 may have 3D touch following iphone 6s touch will now have more parameters like the pressure applied to touch- different pressure will invoke different actions. We also anticipate bigger and long lasting battery which goes well with the high end games and full HD movie viewing. The device is expected to launch in August-September this year and anticipated price is somewhere around 55,000/-…show more content…
The leaked images show that the design of S7 is not going to differ much from that of S6 except for a few touch-up in the curves. We expect Samsung to bring back the micro SD card slot. The phone will be presented in Mobile word conference this year in F ebruary. Apple iphone 7 and 7 plus iphone7 Apple iphone 7 and its bigger version 7 plus are expected to be release in sometime September this year. It is anticipated that the screen size of iphone 7 will be larger than 5.5 inches and may have dual rear camera. The new camera technology is expected to take DSLR- quality photos from your mobile. The phone may be available in 32Gb, 64GB and 128 GB as well. LG G5 and Flex 3

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