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Room Summary The book takes place in an isolated room in which five-year-old Jack and his Ma live. In the room, there is normal furniture like bed, wardrobe, chair, kitchen, bathtub. They have no connection to the outside except a TV and a skylight. Jack has been living in there ever since he is born. They eat, bathe, play just like other kids outside. The only difference is that they are trapped in the room and live with boredom. For Jack, only things in the room are real as Ma doesn't want to give him false hope. She told him that everything on TV is nothing but a fantasy. Every night Jack sleeps in the wardrobe as Ma wants to keep him away from Old Nick, who raises Ma and Jack in the room. He only goes home at night and sleeps in the same…show more content…
But it turns out way better than I thought as the writer often wrote the book in a 5-year-old boy's perspective. In his world, even a dull room with no Internet is an interesting place. Envision a week you can't leave your house and have no amusement, I believe not everyone can live with it not to mention 5 years. The reasons why they can live in there so long, in my opinion, are the love between Ma and Jack. For Jack, the only thing he cares is his mother. As long as his mother is here with him, he is happy. Since the book is mostly written in Jack's perspective, some of the decisions made by Ma may seem to be cruel to Jack but Ma it is actually for his own good. When the reporters interviewing Ma, she says she would let Jack stay with her for an isolated childhood rather than abandon him and let him be an orphan to have a normal, happy childhood with a loving family. Jack is clearly the only motive that drives Ma to survive. In the same way, when Jack escaped the room, it is the first time to live in the real society and Ma doesn't have enough time to care about Jack. Jack feels insecure even he lives in a place way safer than that room. He is given a bunch of new toys but he is still not happy as Ma is not there with

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