Reverend Parris Monologue

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Rashel Serrano 3B Mini Scene Analysis – Scene 1 Reverend Parris kneels on the side of his daughter’s bed as she lay unconscious. He mumbles rapidly while his chin rests on top of his intertwined hands. His body trembles and he begins to sob. His melancholy focus is interrupted when his slave Tituba enters the room cautiously. She wearily and softly asks him “My Betty be hearty soon?” And with intense volume and a red face Reverend Parris shouts “Out of here!” Tituba’s eyes widen a bit and she retreats toward the door, hurt. She says with a wavering voice “My Betty not goin’ die”, before finally leaving. Crimson in the face with rose tint going down his neck, Parris shakily jumps to his feet enraged and booms “Out of my sight!” His chest heaves, “Out of my –“, his face…show more content…
God help me!” His body racks as he, with sympathy and care cradles Betty’s motionless palm. His facial expression transforms into one of fondness and worry with relaxed cheeks and warm, squinted eyes trying to hold in tears. His tone now softens into a lukewarm voice, he breathes out “Betty. Child. Dear child. Will you wake, will you open up your eyes. Betty, little one…” Reverend Parris exhales and turns down to get into a prayer position when his beautiful niece Abigail Williams walks into the room wearily. She slightly furrows her eyebrows. “Uncle?” His head tilts in her direction. “Susanna Walcott’s here from Doctor Griggs”, she says. His eyebrows rise a bit before saying in a relieved voice “Oh? Let her come. Let her come.” Abigail casually leans out the door and softly hollers “Come in, Susanna.” A jittery, young girls enters into the room. Excitedly, Parris asks “What does the doctor say, child?” Susanna gives an observing once over to Betty before slightly stuttering out “He bid me come and tell you, reverend sir, that he cannot discover no medicine for it in his books.” Parris furrows his eyebrows but quickly recovers, semi

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