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ASSIGNMENT Name: Maliha Fazal Roll no: MA49 5575 Course Code: GENG 565 Course Title: Prose – Non-fiction Topic: Of Happiness What is happiness, and why do we constantly seek it? What does it really mean to be truly happy? What exactly is the secret to everlasting happiness? These are the questions mankind has been trying to find the answers for since perhaps the dawn of time itself. Despite what the fairy tales seem to depict, happiness doesn't appear by some kind of magic. It's not even something that happens to you. It's something that you can actually achieve and cultivate within your own self. The key ingredients to unlocking the secrets of happiness are actually not at all that daunting and it is in fact up to an individual…show more content…
They have immense gratitude for everything life has to offer them and have great appreciation for what they have. In other words contentment is a big virtue that leads to the highway to happiness. Happy people always maintain an optimistic look even in times of distress and they accept and acknowledge the fact that sometimes things don’t always go as initially planned. Happiness can also be achieved through having a sense of purpose in life and knowing what you want to do with it. Or sometimes simply living in the moment itself is enough to guarantee happiness. That is only the gist of the endless way happiness can be achieved. If someone searches for happiness, the good news is that their choices, thoughts and actions can influence their level of happiness. It is a perspective dependent emotion. It’s an innate feeling that appears from within granting inner peace and tranquility and is sometimes only noticed when it is absent. In happiness, there is no need or reason to overthink, worry or desire something, it brings with it a kind of a spiritual relaxation, serenity and absolute bliss which makes happiness itself manifest in every inch of the

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