Summary Of Patrick M. Lencioni's Five Temptations

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Analysis of The Five Temptations As human beings we naturally consist of a variety of flaws that prevent us from optimizing our full potential. For some individuals, those flaws can hinder on our success in our occupation. At an attempt to aid this issue author Patrick M. Lencioni writes and publishes a book in 1998 titled The Five Temptations of a CEO. Within the publication Lencioni illustrates the five flaws that he believes can be detrimental to a CEO and a company’s success, while offering solutions on how to overcome these temptations. Lencioni does this through utilizing a simplistic fable of a man named Andrew O’Brien. In part one of the novel, the reader is introduced to the protagonist of the fable – Andrew O’Brien. We learn that he is CEO, as of one year ago,…show more content…
Initially O’Brien dismisses Charlie and his examples of these temptations, but when Charlie anticipating telling him the last temptation, he was practically begging for the answer. Once Charlie finally told O’Brien the last temptation, O’Brien wakes up and realizes that he has been dreaming on the train for twenty minutes. The next day at the board room meeting, O’Brien feels uncomfortable before he joining the board. Once he arrives, he is introduced to a woman named Kathryn who has replaced a board member. The meeting goes better than O’Brien anticipates but right before everyone leaves for the day, Kathryn interrupts and begins to criticize the current positon on the company. O’Brien ultimately agrees and pledges to make some changes to the way things are ran, implementing what he learned in his dream. Three years later, the company is doing better than it has in the previous years and Kathryn is

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