Who Is Responsible For Outcasts In Frankenstein

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As human beings, we should look out for the outcasts of our judgmental society. Our society excludes many individuals, treating them as if they were lepers in biblical times. These outcasts could have been ourselves, or may become ourselves. We as the human race need to care for these people. Outcasts can be anyone who does not fit the standard “normal” mold. The creature in Frankenstein was run out of towns, he had not done any harm to anyone at that point, but he appeared differently than they were. This helped form the monster that killed and slaughtered many individuals. If people (especially outcasts) do not receive any sort of love or affection, they might have the same fate, turning to evil ways and harming lives. That is one reason we are responsible for caring for outcasts. Right before the monster killed Victor’s wife on their wedding night, he had a stab of painful regret. He wanted to stop the madness of destroying lives and realized what he had become. The monster wanted love and fellowship, even though he was destroying a man’s…show more content…
However, the monster was angry with Victor because he read his notes that he wrote while creating him. The notes were full of hatred for his creation and regret for creating it. It was the monster’s choice to become evil, not Victors. I am glad that Victor did not create a female for the monster; it was on the verge of driving him insane. Victor understood what sacrifices would be made, but he did not want to risk creating another seemingly indestructible creature that could turn evil and slaughter innocent people. If Victor had created the female he probably would have committed suicide in the aftermath, his remaining sanity would have vaporized. Putting together such a creation is disgusting work, guts, blood, the smell of rotting human remains, etc. The intelligent man would have become so mentally distraught that he would take his

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