Examples Of Personification In The Dream Of The Rood

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The Dream of the Rood Analysis The Dream of the Rood is a poem written by an unknown author. The religious poem is one of the few surviving pieces of Anglo-Saxon literature. In the poem personification and imagery are used throughout. The personification and imagery both help convey the story of the crucifixion and the emotional connection between Christ and the cross, which all help articulate the message of transformation. The poem starts off with a man beginning to share his dream. He begins to tell the dream, which consisted of a tree. The man describes the tree as being “splendid” (4). The man further describes the tree as “That bright tree covered with gold; gemstones gleamed…” (6, 7). The author, early in the poem, uses imagery through the character. He did this to point our attention to the tree. The author intentions are to make one think that there is something very special about the tree. We begin to wonder why there are jewels all over this “splendid” (4) tree and we continue to read to fill our curious minds, which is what the author wants. In lines nine through eleven we…show more content…
The author illustrates through this device to show not only did the cross hold Jesus during his crucifixion, the cross somewhat shared the crucifixion and the suffering with Jesus as well; “They mocked both of us” (48). It solidifies the relationship Christ and the cross has. We are supposed to see Jesus in the cross; it almost as if they are one. Just as Jesus was pierced all over and covered in blood so was the cross. Now we see the emotional connection between Jesus and the cross more clearly. The cross endured every cruel thing that happened. He saw Jesus “directly stretched out”…show more content…
The poet describes Jesus as being strong and courageous. It also describes Jesus as being brave. These characteristics are embodied when the poet

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