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The Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic bridge that helps attach the borough of Manhattan and the borough of Brooklyn together. There is a lot of history behind the creation of the bridge and what it stands for. Also, it is also a part of New York’s culture because it has helped the growth of the boroughs and it shows a sign of a connection between the two. In addition, while a lot of people focus on the beauty of the bridge, many people do not know that the bridge was actually finalized by a female named Emily Roebling. Isn’t that crazy? When the bridge was finished in 1883, it was then a time period where women didn’t get the chance to work equally as men did and this turned into a big accomplishment for New York to show off that they had Roebling…show more content…
The newspapers dubbed it the Eighth Wonder of the World. The bridge was an engineering marvel, a steal suspension roadway spanning over a mile from New York to Brooklyn. No longer would people be dependent of ferries for transport. Seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, the hearts of these two great cities would be connected”(p. 276). James and Michelle Nevius in that one simple quote explained the importance and also the impact that the Brooklyn Bridge has had on the life of New York City and also for the people living in Brooklyn. People no longer had to struggle to get from Manhattan to Brooklyn; instead they could either walk or drive over the bridge in a matter of minutes. It helped create a connection as well as new opportunities for the people of New York City and Brooklyn. It was also the first steel-wire suspension bridge to be built that has very few steel-wires holding it up. In addition, it is an amazing impact and accomplishment for New York City to have one of the first steel-wire suspension bridge and also now ones of the oldest bridges to be standing. Those two points about the Brooklyn Bridge has also helped impact the culture of New York City because it is now a landmark and a part of history that will never be forgotten. According to Essential of New York, Michael Russo, and Meritta Cullinan talk about the history of the bridge and its importance and states “In 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge was completed, strengthening the ties between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Now that Manhattan and Brooklyn were physically connected, there were those on both sides of the east River who thought it was time to join these two regions politically as well. As a result, the modern city of New York was born in 1898, when Brooklyn

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