Disadvantages Of Employment Equity Amendment Act In South Africa

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Advantages of the Employment Equity Amendment Act in South Africa. The aim of improving the Act was to further remove discrimination and promote fairness as well as equity at work. The law would affect all employees and employers in the workplace throughout South Africa. As an employee the positives of the Act is that it will remove barriers of discrimination from apartheid and allow workers to develop through skills and training programmes, advancements and access to new opportunities will be given. The benefits from the amendments of the Act will bring about a productive more elite workforce untimely making the employer and organisation profit. As the workforce betters so does the company, employees are more trained and well driven thus…show more content…
< Give preference to previously apartheid disadvantaged individuals to new job advancements by phasing in affirmative action. < To make certain of fair treatment for all employees and also grant equal opportunities to all. Advantages of the Act are as follows: ° When an individual is considered for a vacant post, the Act prevents employers from discriminating on grounds of gender, race or disability. ° Redresses the suffering that people experienced in the past during apartheid. ° Equal opportunities of selection and advancements for all candidates in waiting for promotion and vacancy selections. ° Promotes opportunities and development for all in the work place. Changes in the Employment Equity Amendment Act The Act has new provisions which outlaws differences in conditions of employment that were constructed on the bared grounds of discrimination where all involved employees do the same work for value. - Equal pay for equal work The discretion of the superior should be fairly equated here on the experience on the employee. Employers need to express the scope of remunerations and benefits wit regard to the amount of employees working in the same job. All factors need to be considered and a fair judgement…show more content…
ADVANTAGES OF THE NEW AMENDMENTS Opportunities When there is equality present every employee has equal opportunity to advancement and development. Employers can now see the performance of workers and grade them accordingly, this is helpful when promoting and managing the workplace. Contribution Now that everyone has opportunity and workplace has equality, employees can now contribute their talents and specific abilities overtime to benefit the company as a whole. Employee passion now shines through and less strain is placed on recruitment as employees go after desired vacancies. Lawsuit Protection Companies are law abiding and less violations are created. Thus smooth running of company is formed and a happy workplace overall. Reputation The companies that follow the law and have a smooth running company display ethics and compliance of beliefs to the community this creates good reputation and greater

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