The Importance Of Human Rights In Colombia

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“Colombia has the worst Human Rights in Western Hemisphere” and more than that 4,386 people have been killed and disappeared after seeking for their human rights. Human rights are the rights that everyone deserve as human being. Human rights are represent as right for everyone no matter what their nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status are. We are all equal in every way in other words it means that everyone deserves human rights without any discrimination (What Are Human Rights, n.d.). These rights are all indivisible. People in most countries in the world now are joining the rights they deserve as human being, while some are facing the fact that they have to live under…show more content…
Many people have said that Colombia is now the murderer capital due to the threats and attacks that human rights defenders are routinely receive, eventually they were asked to leave the country otherwise they will be killed. (About Colombia, n.d.). Nevertheless, the lack of women rights are also an important issue in Colombia. Many Colombian women have been threaten and force to do many negative social consequences. Colombia has overlook on the female protections in many terms and they are also facing the unreliable of children’s rights. For instance, child soldiers situation many of children are forced to join military group. They are used directly in the armed forces and combat. Children have to surround themselves with many violences neighborhood. They are living with the possibility of death that did not deserve the lives that children suppose to have included education and protection. Thus, Colombia has cross their citizens’ lines in many ways and make people not to receive the rights they deserve as human

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