Social Stratification In Society

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Social stratification has been a crucial issue in the society since the beginning of time because it places an individual in this form of a social ladder that identifies where that being stands in the society. Social class refers to how individuals and groups are classified into hierarchies in society on the basis of factors like wealth, income, race, education, and power (Cole, 2017). These groups are commonly known as lower, middle, and upper class. Thus, all societies have some form of system that describes its social structure. It has a massive impact in the society and the world around us. Social class can be placed into the dichotomies of structure and agency. According to Little (2008), a class system is a system for producing social…show more content…
Likewise, the lower class uses instruments of power to reduce or overturn the exploitative social relations within which they function. The relations of production that constitute to the class system of the society is concerned to the relative position of social groups by the means of production. The article by Jakopovich (2014) entitled The Concept of Class, assessed that the concept of the working class denotes the great majority of the population which is taken from the essential means of production, distribution and exchange, has no supervisory function and is forced through impersonal market forces to sell its labor power to capitalists. Thus, the class structure of the capitalist mode of production is characterized by the conflict between two main classes, the capitalists who control the production and the working class who produce the goods or services in the society. It explained the civilized societies in terms of class antagonism that is rooted in the situation that controls over the class which produces goods and the exploitation of capitalists to workers. The owner of capital and the laborer are not on equal terms. The owner of capital needs to purchase
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