Nursing In The 19th Century

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Nursing became vital to America in the 1900’s. People then practiced their scientific findings and made it into a profession. Men were most dominate in this career choice in the past. It gave variety to women. Nursing is now a common profession practiced in the U.S and is now unisex as it was not lady like for women to nurse on the unknown. Nursing basically came as a natural sense in the 1800’s. Those that were chosen or had a calling for caring for the ill and impaired took on the role as a caregiver. The 19th century was the beginning of professionalized nursing. Nursing was no longer chosen by natural selection. Although it was thought that back in the mid – 19th century that young ladies should only tend to sick family members and close friends. Florence Nightingale shined a light on the opportunity for women to have more choices in a career. She voiced radically that intelligent women…show more content…
The profession of nursing is still a lovely career. The gender roles has flipped since the 19th century. Women are more common to take nursing as a career. There are still many male nurses though. Licensed practitioners have been in high demand this past decade. It’s been predicted that by 2022 the rate of increasing Licensed Practitioner Nurses will be 25% faster than the Registered nurse rate. Hourly starting pay is estimated $22.65, the median norm is $32.91, the highest is $49.92. The nursing career is a lot to stomach. You must have compassion and heart because most nurses have to change bedpans which are known as your Certified Nursing Assistants. You have to have the tolerance to see blood and continue your duties. Reacting fast to serious situations that might occur with all patients. Reassure your patient that everything will be okay and care for them like you would want to be cared for, no matter how minor or major the issue is. (“Occupational Employment and Wages, May
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