Healthcare Interdisciplinary Team Analysis

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The term interdisciplinary refers to situations in which the various disciplines involved in achieving a common goal with each contributing their expertise específica.el teamwork is a collective work coordinated approach in which participants share their experiences, respect their roles and functions to achieve common objectives for conducting a joint task. attitudes of people in the team has a great weight to achieve the objective complete. each of the team members are responsible for a task and only if all of them do their job will lift the patient and his environment later. Collaboration is important to ensure the quality of tasks. In the healthcare interdisciplinary team is a group of health professionals from different areas working in…show more content…
The administration is a task of coordinating activities that channel individual and collective effort. Members must be active, dynamic, friendly and initiative, enthusiasm must be present in each of the activities. Being a good communicator will allow closer ties with the community is the most important job in the health resort, communicate clearly, timely and easily allow the team's success and well-being of the patient. The organization and responsibility in the team are the keys to success for all established goals are met. Diversity in team fulfills its purpose once one belonging to him, is done and complete more fully through interaction with others. Two or more people working together, so structure to achieve a goal or set of specific goals. Activities should be developed in a coordinated manner. Social competence is very important in this area because it serves of understanding to individuals participating…show more content…
The equipment needed depends on the individual patient's needs and the needs of your family. All interdisciplinary team members have a variety of functions, including evaluation of the person, the assessment of home conditions, provide education to patients and families, and to develop a plan for health promotion and prevention. The key to the success of the interdisciplinary team is collaboration and teamwork. It is also important to follow the models of accountability, communication, authority and management of clinical resources. All these models are important for the welfare of patients and their families. However there are several barriers that we have to be able to achieve our daily care

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