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Decolonizing and Restructuring English Education in India. Abstract We have, in this paper, tried to discuss how colonization, thanks to Macaulay’s Minute has impacted the educational system in India over the past few centuries and the need to restructure the English education in India. It has been observed that introduction of Indian writings in English in addition to the original English writings to a large extent can help us learn English well. Key Words: Decolonization, English language, Indian education system, Macaulay’s Minute, teachers, Indian writings in English Introduction India is a country with a long history in English speaking. But, the story of how English came to India is still contested a issue and an ideological debate in modern India. Still a remarkable moment exists in the Indian colonial history where a shift was witnessed in Indian education system. Yes, it was the celebrated Minute of Thomas Macaulay that declared: “To make the natives of…show more content…
The foreign language was no longer foreign. With that minute, English entered the Indian education system with such vigour that was never seen before and there was no looking back. Time passes, India achieved its independence, but wait! The shadow of the colonial rule, still lingers upon our educational system and especially, English. The end of colonial rule did not mark the end of colonial influence upon Indian English studies. Though the country was free to its own will, its education system existed under colonization and its effects were felt the most on English studies. For a practical example, take the case of an average Indian student and his confusion when for the first time he encounters a poem like Ode to the West Wind or, takes it to a higher level with the works of John Dryden, his attack on Thomas

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