Women In The Armed Forces Essay

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Uniforms on and hair up with their heads held high. They march and train a lot to prepare them. The women stand among all those who perceive them wrongly and stereotype them. Many believe these women are physically and mentally weak, that they can’t handle situations because of their emotions. They also believe that their joining will degrade the moral of these forces and that a women’s nature could hold them back or withdraw them from their service. All these stereotypes and misconceptions date back many years. Women weren’t allowed to do many things and this issue started to lessen and years went by but it was a very long process for people to finally realize that it was okay. There are still some that find no point for women to join the…show more content…
This isn’t at all true because women being in the armed forces was an inspiring and uplifting movement to see that they were finally seeing the results they have been fighting for. In an online interview of Major General Jeanne M. Holm from Penn state University Libraries she explains herself and it reflects on the purpose of women in the armed forces. She replied with how society viewed this type of problem and how women wanted to make a change for equity and the courts were seeing this so they came to a decision to make changes. These changes were different to the ones they usually made and slowly this was coming out in the 1960s. General Holm was giving us an example of the time when the situation for them started to change and because better for the women. This shows that the morale of the forces should actually be stronger since men and women are uniting to make a stronger country and not putting women down for being in these forces because they fight together. It has been enlightening to see change for these women because they truly deserve it and there service should lift the morale of what the armed forces is all about. Men is in women literally and there isn’t anyone who can change

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