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How did moving to America impact Afghan families? After Afghanistan had been invaded by the Soviet Union between the years of 1970s and 1980s, many Afghan families fled to America for a better life. In The Kite Runner, Amir and Baba traveled to America in the 1980s to escape the Russian invasion, and give Amir a chance to live a better life. Moving to America had impacted Afghan families via language, education for children, and women roles. Coming to America, many Afghan families had language barriers, adults had trouble learning and speaking english, children later became the spokesperson and translator of their parents and families. After arriving in America children becomes the voice of their parents and families, due to the language…show more content…
In America, women were given respect, unlike in Afghanistan where women only stayed home and do household chores and watch the children. It is known that Afghan mother/women weren’t known to be the important ones in the family and that usually the men/father was the dominant role of the family. However Afghan women are the strongest and the most valuable ones in the family, since they were the ones that did all the house works and they were ones that cared for their children. Mother/women’s roles shouldn’t be overlooked by society. (Tim Eigo) In America, women are thought differently, “Researchers have generally found that young Afghan American women have adapted to living in the United States better than their male counterparts.” (Tim Eigo) Studies had a ready showed women in United States got used to the living style faster than men and that the society accepts women for who they are. However, women in Afghanistan were the total opposite, they were only expected to do household chores and taking care of the children in the family. Men were the ones in charge of the family and they also restricted women to go out without their permission. Women in Afghanistan weren’t given the independence they should have they their independence were in the hands off men. Female roles in Afghanistan mainly consisted of, “Women are responsible for most of the domestic work of the house, cooking, cleaning, entertaining and socializing children” (Linda Merrill, Donald Paxson, and Thomas Tobey) Addition to that women were restricted by their husbands, according to the article "Equal Rights, better conditions, education for women" published by the BBC Worldwide Limited in 2005 “Women are not allowed to venture out there. One of the examples worth mentioning is a woman, namely Zarina, who was killed by her husband when she ventured out

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